selection of publications I have contributed to, either peer-reviewed or preprints.


  1. arXiv
    Segmentation of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinomas: Introducing DRU-Net and Multi-Lens Distortion
    Soroush Oskouei, Marit Valla,  André Pedersen, Erik Smistad, Vibeke Grotnes Dale, Maren Høibø, Sissel Gyrid Freim Wahl, Mats Dehli Haugum, Thomas Langø, Maria Paula Ramnefjell, Lars Andreas Akslen, Gabriel Kiss, and Hanne Sorger
    arXiv 2024


  1. Neo.Onc.Adv
    Growth dynamics of untreated meningiomas
    Per Sveino Strand, Kathrine Jørgensen Wågø,  André Pedersen, Ingerid Reinertsen, Olivia Nälsund, Asgeir Store Jakola, David Bouget, Sayied Abdol Mohieb Hosainey, Lisa Millgård Sagberg, Johanna Vanel, and Ole Solheim
    Neuro-Oncology Advances Dec 2023
  2. arXiv
    Immunohistochemistry guided segmentation of benign epithelial cells, in situ lesions, and invasive epithelial cells in breast cancer slides
    Maren Høibø,  André Pedersen, Vibeke Grotnes Dale, Sissel Marie Berget, Borgny Ytterhus, Cecilia Lindskog, Elisabeth Wik, Lars A. Akslen, Ingerid Reinertsen, Erik Smistad, and Marit Valla
    arXiv Nov 2023
  3. arXiv
    AeroPath: An airway segmentation benchmark dataset with challenging pathology
    Karen-Helene Støverud, David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Håkon Olav Leira, Thomas Langø, and Erlend Fagertun Hofstad
    arXiv Nov 2023
  4. Sci.Rep
    Segmentation of glioblastomas in early post-operative multi-modal MRI with deep neural networks
    Ragnhild Holden Helland, Alexandros Ferles,  André Pedersen, Ivar Kommers, Hilko Ardon, Frederik Barkhof, Lorenzo Bello, Mitchel Berger, Tora Dunås, Marco Conti Nibali, Julia Furtner, Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Albert Idema, Barbara Kiesel, Rishi Tewari, Emmanuel Mandonnet, Domenique Müller, Pierre Robe, Marco Rossi, and David Bouget
    Scientific Reports May 2023
  5. Sci.Rep
    Raidionics: an open software for pre-and postoperative central nervous system tumor segmentation and standardized reporting
    David Bouget, Demah Alsinan, Valeria Gaitan, Ragnhild Holden Helland,  André Pedersen, Ole Solheim, and Ingerid Reinertsen
    Scientific Reports Sep 2023
    Learning deep abdominal CT registration through adaptive loss weighting and synthetic data generation
    Javier Frutos,  André Pedersen, Egidijus Pelanis, David Bouget, Shanmugapriya Survarachakan, Thomas Langø, Ole-Jakob Elle, and Frank Lindseth
    PLOS ONE Feb 2023


  1. Fron.Med
    H2G-Net: A multi-resolution refinement approach for segmentation of breast cancer region in gigapixel histopathological images
    André Pedersen, Erik Smistad, Tor V. Rise, Vibeke G. Dale, Henrik S. Pettersen, Tor-Arne S. Nordmo, David Bouget, Ingerid Reinertsen, and Marit Valla
    Frontiers in Medicine Sep 2022
    Teacher-student approach for lung tumor segmentation from mixed-supervised datasets
    Vemund Fredriksen, Svein Ole M. Sevle,  André Pedersen, Thomas Langø, Gabriel Kiss, and Frank Lindseth
    PLOS ONE Apr 2022
  3. Comp.M.Bio
    Mediastinal lymph nodes segmentation using 3D convolutional neural network ensembles and anatomical priors guiding
    David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Johanna Vanel, Haakon O. Leira, and Thomas Langø
    Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization Mar 2022
  4. Book chapter
    Artificial Intelligence in Studies of Malignant Tumours
    André Pedersen, Ingerid Reinertsen, Emiel Janssen, and Marit Valla
    In book: Biomarkers of the Tumor Microenvironment Jan 2022
  5. Fron.Neu
    Preoperative Brain Tumor Imaging: Models and Software for Segmentation and Standardized Reporting
    David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Asgeir S. Jakola, Vasileios Kavouridis, Kyrre E. Emblem, Roelant S. Eijgelaar, Ivar Kommers, Hilko Ardon, Frederik Barkhof, Lorenzo Bello, Mitchel S. Berger, Marco Conti Nibali, Julia Furtner, Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Albert J. S. Idema, Barbara Kiesel, Alfred Kloet, Emmanuel Mandonnet, Domenique M. J. Müller, Pierre A. Robe, Marco Rossi, Tommaso Sciortino, Wimar A. Brink, Michiel Wagemakers, Georg Widhalm, Marnix G. Witte, Aeilko H. Zwinderman, Philip C. De Witt Hamer, Ole Solheim, and Ingerid Reinertsen
    Frontiers in Neurology Jan 2022
  6. Fron.Med
    Code-Free Development and Deployment of Deep Segmentation Models for Digital Pathology
    Henrik S. Pettersen, Ilya Belevich, Elin S. Røyset, Melanie R. Simpson, Erik Smistad, Eija Jokitalo, Ingerid Reinertsen, Ingunn Bakke, and André Pedersen
    Frontiers in Medicine Jan 2022


  1. IEEE-B
    Preliminary Processing and Analysis of an Adverse Event Dataset for Detecting Sepsis-Related Events
    Melissa Yan, Lise Husby Høvik,  André Pedersen, Lise Tuset Gustad, and Øystein Nytrø
    2021 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Dec 2021
  2. Cancers
    Glioblastoma Surgery Imaging-Reporting and Data System: Validation and Performance of the Automated Segmentation Task
    David Bouget, Roelant Eijgelaar,  André Pedersen, Ivar Kommers, Hilko Ardon, Frederik Barkhof, Lorenzo Bello, Mitchel Berger, Marco Conti Nibali, Julia Furtner, Even Fyllingen, Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Albert Idema, Barbara Kiesel, Alfred Kloet, Emmanuel Mandonnet, Domenique Müller, Pierre Robe, Marco Rossi, and Ole Solheim
    Cancers Sep 2021
  3. Fron.Rad
    Meningioma Segmentation in T1-Weighted MRI Leveraging Global Context and Attention Mechanisms
    David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Sayied Hosainey, Ole Solheim, and Ingerid Reinertsen
    Frontiers in Radiology Sep 2021
  4. Cancers
    Glioblastoma Surgery Imaging—Reporting and Data System: Standardized Reporting of Tumor Volume, Location, and Resectability Based on Automated Segmentations
    Ivar Kommers, David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Roelant Eijgelaar, Hilko Ardon, Frederik Barkhof, Lorenzo Bello, Mitchel Berger, Marco Conti Nibali, Julia Furtner, Even Fyllingen, Shawn Hervey-Jumper, Albert Idema, Barbara Kiesel, Alfred Kloet, Emmanuel Mandonnet, Domenique Müller, Pierre Robe, Marco Rossi, and Philip De Witt Hamer
    Cancers Jun 2021
  5. IEEE-A
    FastPathology: An Open-Source Platform for Deep Learning-Based Research and Decision Support in Digital Pathology
    André Pedersen, Marit Valla, Anna Bofin, Javier Frutos, Ingerid Reinertsen, and Erik Smistad
    IEEE Access Apr 2021
  6. JMI
    Fast meningioma segmentation in T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging volumes using a lightweight 3D deep learning architecture
    David Bouget,  André Pedersen, Sayied Hosainey, Johanna Vanel, Ole Solheim, and Ingerid Reinertsen
    Journal of Medical Imaging Mar 2021
  7. UMB
    Sonopermeation Enhances Uptake and Therapeutic Effect of Free and Encapsulated Cabazitaxel
    Sofie Snipstad, Yrr Mørch, Einar Sulheim, Andreas Aslund, Catharina Davies, Rune Hansen, Sigrid Berg, and André Pedersen
    Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Feb 2021


  1. IEEE-A
    High Performance Neural Network Inference, Streaming, and Visualization of Medical Images Using FAST
    Erik Smistad, Andreas Østvik, and André Pedersen
    IEEE Access Sep 2019